Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Pop-up Mini album-- Tutorial

Namaste Friends!!

This is Kriti today...today I'll share a tutorial for a mini album with pop-up pages. I have used Papericious recently launched Ethereal Paper pack . This is a Premium Edition paper pack, comes in 12" x 12"size with lots of die-cut elements, Journal sheet, quote sheet and matching card stock.

Have a look...


Step 1: Take few pieces of card stock of size as mentioned under and score them.

 a) Piece 1--Take 2 pieces measuring 4" x 12". On the 12" side, score them at 6".

 b) Piece 2--Take 3 pieces measuring 3.5" x 10" (These are actual pop-up panels). On the 10" side,
      score at 2.5", 5" and 7.5". It should look like a 'W' when folded

 c) Piece 3--Take 3 pieces measuring 3.5" x 8" ( These are actual mechanism to allow the pop-up
     panel to  pop- up) . On the 3.5" side, score at 1.75". On the 8" side, with a pencil, make a tick
     mark at  2.25" from each side of the card stock, flip it over and repeat. Score a cross joining these
     points, then fold to form this mountain like shape.

 d) Piece 4--Take 1 piece measuring 1.5" x 4". On 1.5" side, score at 0.75".

Step 2: Apply glue to the one side of the pointed ends of piece 3, find the center of the outer
             card(i.e.,    piece 1)and line the point up just under the crease and stick down, now apply
             glue to the other side of the pointed end and close the card to adhere it to the outer end.

Step 3: Now, take the 'W' shaped card, i.e., piece 2, find the center of the mechanism, and place it.
             Now put glue only at two places as shown in the pic. and adhere the 'W' shaped card. And
             the first part is ready.

Step 4: Repeat step 2 and step 3 for the second part of piece 1.

Step 5: Now for the last pop-up panel, put the two portions as shown in the pic., join the two with
             piece 4. And here, on this hinge, repeat step 2 and step 3.

(Sorry for not clicking for last pop-up panel...my camera died after this...)

And voila!!...Your pop-up mini album is ready.

Here are some final pics....


Monday, 2 April 2018

Altered Photo Frame -- Believe

Namaste Friends!!

Kriti this side....so the month is ending....and I am here with an inspiration post today....
I have altered a photo frame using some art mediums by papericious and Papericious Fairy land Paper Pack.

Have a look..

We all experience times where we doubt ourselves, and somehow we lose track of what’s important for us. We lose the belief in ourselves, and we get drifted away, and later on we regret our decisions, that’s why I decided to make a project so that failure can be our teacher not our undertaker.

If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride - and never quit, you'll be a winner. Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going.

Brief about the project

Firstly, I have taken a mdf photo frame and adhere some rectangle mdf pieces to make some bricks at two corners, then to make the background more interesting put some gauge also. Next, covered the entire piece with Papericious White Gesso. 

After that I have used Papericious White Crackle Paste on the bricks. When it was completely dried, poured some pink colour in the gaps of the bricks.

And lastly embellished it with some flowers, sisal, gauge, pearls and few die- cuts. 

Few more pictures of the project...

I hope you like this project..
Thanks for stopping by..

Kriti Mishra

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Mixed media tags using Love Actually Papers

Namaste Everyone!!

I am Kriti here today....with a beautiful and easy to make project....

Have a look....

I had made these tags using Papericious Love Actually paper pack and Papericious Monochrome paper pack.

I have a quick tutorial too for these tags...

Firstly take a black card stock of size 3" x 6". Then cover it with a piece of pattern paper from the pack(I have distressed the edges to give some interest) then take another piece of card stock, contrast in color, adhere above it with a foam tape...

Then take a Papericious 3D Ornament chippi ( Papericious has variety of chippies to choose from), and colour it with black acrylic paint.
Next embellish it with some flowers, sisal, gauge, jute chord and some die-cuts. to highlight the edges splatter some shaker beads with the help of Papericious Shaker Beads.

Here is the first tag...

This is the next tag....

I hope you like this project...
Thanks for stopping by...
Kriti Mishra

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Gilded Onyx Shadow Box-- Only for you

Namaste friends!!

Hope you all are doing well. I am Kriti, back with an inspiration post using Papericious Shadow box and Gilded Onyx Paper Pack.

Here is my project,

For creating this....First I have taken a 6" X 10" shadow box and covered it with two coats of  Papericious white gesso. After that using Papericious Modelling Paste and a bubble stencil made some interesting textures on the frame. When it was dried completely, covered it with black acrylic paint.

Next, I took three sheets of paper from the pack(each one inch shorter from the other) and distressed the edges. After that glued them on the centre of the shadow box.

Then for focal point, die- cut a piece from the Papericious Card stock Tame Teal and adhere in the center with a foam tape with a die- cut sentiment from my stash.

Finally embellished it with some die- cut leaves and handmade flowers. I have used Papericious Shaker beads also to give some interest to the whole composition.

An Altered Embroidery hoop using Papericious Products

Namaste Friends!!

Today, I have altered an embroidery hoop using some Papericious art mediums and pattern papers.

Have a look...

For this firstly I have covered the entire hoop with two coats of Papericious white gesso, then applied the Papericious crackle paste. When crackle started to appear, I sprayed the hoop with blue color in an uneven manner.

After that I took a paper from Papericious Azealian paper pack and covered it with clear gesso. Using Papericious modelling paste and rose stencil given some texture to it...
When it dried, sprayed it with blue color.
And lastly added my embellishments.(i have used few sheets from Papericious Diwali Paper Pack too)

Few close-ups....

Hope you like the project...

Kriti Mishra